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Teresa Griffin: July, 2006


This is an old-fashioned home remedy passed on for generations. PHR’s services do not replace the physician’s role in diagnosing medical conditions or prescribing medications.  If you have medical problems, please consult your doctor.  Any person undertaking this cleanse does so by his own volition and at his OWN RISK.  Neither the manufacturer nor the seller is responsible for the use/misuse of the product or instructions.  USE ONLY AS DIRECTED.

ü       1. Each day for five consecutive days, drink "one quart of your daily water with 15 drops of Phosphoric Acid added".  Shake well and drink throughout the day.  Eat meals as usual. The purpose of this solution is to soften the gallbladder contents and promote elasticity of the hepatic ducts.

ü       2. On the fifth evening and the sixth day, plan to be HOME.  Eat supper early (at 3:00 p.m. if possible). After supper, drink "one cup of hot water with one Tablespoon Epsom Salts and a squeeze of fresh lemon juice added".  Drink quickly; do not sip.  SUNNY DEW sweet extract may be added to improve the taste! Epsom Salts will fully cleanse the bowels. Many find that using a STRAW will help this go down (bypassing the taste buds)! Also, have a TOOTHBRUSH HANDY to clean out your mouth after this!

ü       3. One hour later, repeat the above cupful. The system will usually begin to cleanse throughout the evening.  You may have sips of Sunrider Teas/water if desired during the evening. And remember the straw/toothbrush!

DO NOT PROCEED FURTHER UNLESS YOU HAVE HAD DIARRHEA. Very rarely there is no response.  IF that happens to you, wait until the NEXT evening and repeat Steps 2 & 3 before continuing the program.

ü       4. At bedtime, drink a mixture of "one-half cup FRESH lemon juice and one-half cup olive oil".  Mix in the blender or shake well in a jar to prevent it from separating while you are drinking it.  Be SURE the lemon juice is fresh-squeezed, not bottled or frozen.  Drink down quickly.  SUNNY DEW sweet extract will greatly improve the taste of this mixture, too!  Again, remember the straw and toothbrush!

      The lemon is like giving the liver soap and a scrub-brush.  The oil causes the gallbladder to go to work digesting the fat.  In the process, the gallbladder may release its contents.

ü       5. Before you go to bed, you may wish to place a colander in the toilet bowl, or secure nylon net or cheesecloth over the stool.  Put the seat down on top of it.  This enables one to ‘see’ the result of the cleanse.

ü       6. On day six, eat meals as usual.  Whenever the bowels move on day six, catch it in the colander.  Pour warm water gently over the mass until about all that is left in the colander may be the "stones".  These may be any color, size, shape, or consistency.  More may be evident throughout that day, and possibly even the next day.  You may think you are seeing “undigested peas” or “lemon seeds”. If there are no “stones”, don’t fret; you may have dissolved them completely.

ü       7. ALL bacteria (the bad AND the good!) get flushed out during the cleanse.  Before bed on night six, take FOUR capsules of H.D.A. (High Delivery Acidophilus) for intense re-implantation of the "Good Bacteria" necessary for normal bowel function.

ü       8. Wait two weeks and repeat the full flush.  Many times the second flush yields greater results than the first.  When the gallbladder is cleansed, the liver may rather quickly refill it with waste again.

ü       9. After the second flush, take the FOUR capsules of H.D.A. on night six.  Then finish the bottle at two capsules each night.

ü       10. From now on, do one cleanse every twelve months. (If you wait more than twelve months, you should do a set of two again.)

NOTE: Results may be enhanced by the optional use of homeopathic drops taken during the cleanse, such as Hepastat or LV/GB, etc.  If the first flush does not yield results, be sure to call for the drops and take them all the days between the two flushes and throughout the second one.  GOOD LUCK!



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