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Vitalzym Xe - 180 extra strength gel caps

Vitalzym Xe - 180 extra strength gel caps

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Vitalzym Xe (e = vegetarian, no gellatin or animal contents) is even MORE powerful than the X gelcaps.

Vitalzym Xtra Strength is a proprietary blend of enzymes and nutrients formulated for optimal systemic potency. Vitalzym X contains the same proven blend of enzymes as the original Vitalzym, with the addition of a powerful systemic proteinase enzyme. Proteinase is a proteolytic enzyme that is able to resist the stomach's acidity, creating a Vitalzym X blend with up to twice the systemic potency as the original Vitalzym.  Studies of the enzyme show that this allows for even better reduction of inflammation.  Enzymes are needed for each biochemical reaction that makes life possible. They initiate millions of reactions in your body. Without enzymes, life could not exist. As we age, our bodies' natural production of enzymes decreases. Supplementation with Vitalyzym X along with proper diet and exercise will help maintain normal enzyme levels, balancing your body's own repair mechanisms.

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