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Teresa Bohren Griffin: June 11, 2010


Many of you have shared Teresa's "hopelessness" over the inability to lose weight! Hear her own story.

"I have tried every diet I have ever heard tell of, including some truly crazy ones and some really expensive ones, maybe even a few dangerous ones. NOTHING I ever tried WORKED, at least not for long. I proved I am great DIETER, but a very poor LOSER! I certainly needed some help! But WHAT?


Enter Energique (one of PHR's major sources for products) with homeopathic drops called "HYPOTHALMUPAR". It supports weight loss by regulating male and female hormone functions AND by suppressing ravenous appetite. There IS a suggested diet plan that complements it. It all sounded wonderful, but still I had NO faith that it would work for ME. . .

I WAS WRONG! I have been on HYPOTHALMUPAR for months. I have lost 65 pounds so far and my husband Bob has lost 95 pounds! With "ten drops under the tongue" first thing in the morning, I have NOT been ravenous, in spite of the fact that the actual table foods are limited in variety and serving size. If I ever DO feel I am starving and it is NOT MEALTIME, an extra few drops is permissible to control hunger until meal time.

It is SOOO motivating when you see that old scale going DOWN by the DAY. It makes it actually pretty easy to KEEP IT UP, variety or no! I know others who are trying this plan, too. So far, they are all thrilled.


Let me give you a bit of history on the HYPOTHALMUPAR idea. The principles behind it were first researched and proven 50 years ago by a Dr. Simeons in his article "Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity". However, it never got off the ground because back then it was in INJECTION form AND involved getting this hormone only by an Endocrinologist's prescription or from foreign companies. It was also very cost-prohibitive. (UNTIL NOW! Now we know the HOMEOPATHIC drops WILL WORK JUST AS WELL at only $16 a bottle!)


Best wishes as you begin your weight loss program! May this be the HOPE and SUCCESS we have all been waiting for.

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